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Founded in 2018, Whimiy is the first and only neighbor-to-neighbor rental community. For eons people have been borrowing a cup of sugar or a tool from neighbors they trust. Whimiy brings this tradition to e-commerce because we believe that when neighbors get to know each other, the community wins.

Renting from neighbors simplifies our lives, improves our financial situation, increases the likelihood of meeting friends all while helping to save our planet. Specifically, Whimiy donates 5% of net proceeds to non-profits dedicated to helping protect our environment.

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About the Founder & CEO

Rhonda Harper, Founder & CEO

Whimiy is a woman-owned business. Rhonda Harper, Founder and CEO, is a former Fortune 500 executive, teacher, and serial entrepreneur. She is married 30 years to Jim and they have a 28 year old daughter and two dogs.


Whimiy Lets Neighbors Profit From Renting Out Tools, Other Stuff

by P.JBednarski  @pjbtweet, September 4, 2018, MediaPost.com, Marketing Daily Full story click here.

The neighbor borrowing the cup of sugar is a familiar comic-strip image, dating back to the times neighbors baked, or used sugar — or read the newspaper funny pages.

Now a new website called Whimiy is using its social media platform to let neighbors rent items out to other neighbors nearby, at rates and terms the renter sets.

Whimiy takes a 20% cut off the top and pledges to donate 5% of net proceeds to environmental nonprofits.

Philosophically, Whimiy is close to Uber and Airbnb, darlings of the sharing economy, and uses ideas that also make the neighborly Nextdoor.com work.

“With Whimiy, your clutter becomes your inventory. Your storage unit becomes your warehouse,” Rhonda Harper, the CEO and founder, says in a statement.

From from 2000-2002, Harper was the CMO at Sam’s Club. She gets the irony: “I used to promote buying in bulk. Now, I encourage you not to buy at all.”

Owners of goods can offer them to others who live in an eight-mile radius that Whimiy works out, and only users in that area are part of that marketplace.

Getting people to rent out their power washer to a guy a few blocks away might find eager clients on either end of the equation.

So far Whimiy has posted some invitational images on Instagram — but as far as other marketing goes, Harper tells Marketing Daily that’s limited  to “providing social images for [members] to share,” and having new members “share friend, family, colleague and neighbor contact info with us.”

Nextdoor has a slightly different model, with household goods for sale, not rent, along with tips on good plumbers and alerts about scam artists, in particular neighborhoods. Its FAQ says that it works best in neighborhoods with between 750-1,000 households. Since 2011, it says it has created 100,000 neighborhoods and 10 million members.

Asked if Whimiy plans to propose some sort of business alliance with Nextdoor, Harper writes, “We’ll see.”

These are early days. Whimiy has only been in beta testing for a couple months in Dallas ,and just last week went national.

Harper, who owns 100% of the company, cites stats about the sharing economy from PricewaterhouseCoopers that shows 83% of people say sharing makes life “more convenient and efficient” and 86% say it makes life more affordable.

Dallas Woman Creates Online Rental Service

7:20PM, September 5, 2018, By Tiara Green, The CW33 Full Report Click Here

DALLAS — We all have old random things that we either don’t use or have forgotten about.

So, one Dallas woman has created a system that just might be able to help you turn those old reliables into a little cash! It’s called Whimiy!

“It stands for ‘what is mine is yours’,”  said Whimiy founder, Rhonda Harper. “It’s the very first, and only nationwide neighbor-to-neighbor, rental community. You can go on and upload items that you want to rent to neighbors or you can go online and rent items from neighbors. It’s Airbnb or Uber for household items”

Harper says she was in the process of getting rid of some old stuff when she got the idea to start the business.

“As a baby boomer, I’m downsizing. I have things that I just don’t use all the time, yet I’m not really ready to get rid of them either, and I think somebody should be able to benefit from them.”

The program is free, and allows owners to set their own prices.

The site automatically generates your “neighborhood” using your location to set up an eight mile radius for you to start sharing and renting.

Harper says when you sign up the company collects 20 percent commission, but five percent of that is given to non-profits that help improve the environment.

And before leaving, Harper made sure to show NewsFix a little dance she says some owners and renters like do.

“Some of our people have been so excited when they got on that they do the Whimiy shimmy. You start making some money and spending less on items.”

So don’t be afraid to “Whimiy shimmy” yourself into a few extra bucks!

Whimiy.com – What is Mine is Yours – Launches as First Nationwide Neighbor-to-Neighbor Rental Community

Provides Platform to Earn Cash, Spend Less, Reduce Waste, and Build Community

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Whimiy.com is the latest social sharing platform, following in the footsteps of Uber and Airbnb. From tools and camping equipment to baby rentals and musical equipment, neighbors can now rent items to and from each other.

“So many people have rentals that they don’t often use and yet don’t want to sell,” says Rhonda Harper, Whimiy Founder & CEO. “And, often people want an item for only a short period of time so it doesn’t make sense to purchase. The sharing economy is here to stay and Whimiy is the first one for items in your household, garage, and storage unit.”

Whimiy.com – the first website so you can rent stuff to and from neighbors! Sign up for free and begin earning cash, spending less, and reducing waste.

“With Whimiy, your clutter becomes your inventory. Your storage unit becomes your warehouse!” Harper says with a smile. “Ironically, as the former Chief Marketing Officer of Sam’s Club, I used to promote buying in bulk. Now, I encourage you not to buy at all!”

Reducing waste and protecting our environment is a benefit of Whimiy.

Continues Harper, “Not only does renting reduce consumer waste, Whimiy donates 5% of net proceeds to non-profits that help to protect our environment.”

Becoming a Whimiy member is free and always will be. Owners decide how much to charge, the duration of the rental period, and any additional terms and conditions. When a member rents an item, Whimiy simply collects a small 20% commission on the rental transaction.