Be a Good Neighbor

What are your common terms for Whimiy?

Everyone who signs up is a Member. Owners rent items to Renters.

How do you define a “neighborhood”?

A “neighborhood” is your address with an 8-mile radius. Owner’s items will be advertised in that area and renters can only view items in that area.

If I sign up will everyone see my address and/or credit card information?


What is the fee for signing up and becoming a member of Whimiy?

It’s free! The Renter pays the Owner’s rental fee for the item and Whimiy collects 20% commission. The Owner pays any applicable bank processing fees which we no control over.

As an Owner, can I add my own terms and conditions?

Yes. For example, if you offer clothing, you may require items to be dry cleaned before it’s return. You may also want to differentiate your rentals by offering ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’ services. You may also want to include any specific refund or “break it” policy.

What should I charge for renting my item(s)?

What you charge for your rental item is up to you. Our recommendation is about 5-15% of its retail price. You may not offer them for less than $1.00.

Are there time limits for renting items?

No. Owners set up how far in advance Renters can book items and how long they can keep it. 

What about refunds?

Simple. The Owner of the item must request the refund for the renter.  The Owner goes to their dashboard, pulls up the order, and clicks on the item, amount, and presses “refund.” The refund is delivered immediately to the Renter.

What happens if I go out of town and/or can’t rent items for a while?

Simply go to your account and click “on vacation.” Your items will not be shown for rent.

What about taxes?

Whimiy does not add taxes to the rental items. All members are responsible for paying any and all appropriate taxes. As per IRS regulations, Whimiy will distribute 1099s for those who rent more than $600 in rentals for the year.

I have a bricks and mortar store that rents items. Can I put the store itms on Whimiy?

Sure! As long as the store is within the “neighborhood.”

Are there any rentals/items that are not allowed on the site?

Yes. Generally, items that are sexual/pornographic, weapons, illegal, for medical use, or unsafe are not allowed. Please check our Terms of Use for a full description. Whimiy reserves the right to limit and/or remove other items as it, in its sole discretion, deems necessary.

Is Whimiy an App? 

Not yet, but keep tuned!

What is the Whimiy Neighborhood Watch group?

Members can volunteer to become a member of the Whimiy Neighborhood Watch group. This group helps to protect the safety and security of our website for their neighbors. Simply email WNW@whimiy.com if you see something that violates our Terms and Conditions or needs to be considered within our Terms and Conditions.

What if the person renting my item doesn’t return it, return it on time, or breaks it?

We hope that doesn’t happen. However, if it does we suggest you work it out in a friendly way. If necessary, remember that you have the Renter’s name, address, and the ability to put a hold or dispute on a credit card through your Dashboard. You may also have recourse using your private insurance and/or small claims court.

Any and all disputes are the full responsibility of the Owner and Renter. Refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.

What happens if the item I rent doesn’t work?

The onus is on the renter to ensure the item is in good and working order upon receipt. Otherwise, it is between the Owner and Renter to itemize and document any issues with the item and settle the issue between the two of them.

To which non-profits does Whimiy donate 5% of net proceeds?

Whimiy donates to organizations that help protect our environment. Examples include: Earth Policy Institute; Pew Institute for Ocean Science; The Nature Conservancy; 1% For The Planet, and; Environmental Defense Fund.

I offer local services. May I advertise on Whimiy?

Soon. Please complete the form below and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

  • 555-555-5555
  • How may we help you? Please be brief as much as possible.

For complete information, read our Terms and Conditions.